New Year, New Sources of Decor Inspiration

The new year is a time for change cleansing: a chance to refresh everything from the prior seasons. One way you can embrace the new year is by finding new sources of decor inspiration that will truly make your living space light up with elegant beauty. Whether you’re wanting to decorate your home or office

Style Trends To Watch Out For in 2022

Over the past 2 years, most of us have probably spent the majority of our time indoors. Working from home has become the new norm, home gyms are the new fitness trend, and staying in with friends is the new nightlife. Our homes have been impacted just like every other aspect of our lives, and

4 Home Decor Resolutions To Make in 2022

New Year’s resolutions tend to fall into the same two categories: financial and health-related. At Velvet Magnolia, we think this represents a huge missed opportunity! This new year, set your sites on improving your home by completing a few of the resolutions listed below. Every New Year, countless people will choose resolutions for the upcoming

3 Tips To Flawlessly Incorporate Your Holiday Decor

For homeowners who love to decorate, there is no better holiday than Christmas. From stockings to string lights, the options are endless when it comes to making your home a special winter wonderland. Unfortunately, the sheer number of options can also make deciding on your decorations a real challenge! This holiday season, bring the festive

Seamlessly Switching Out Your Color Scheme

A total home makeover may not be in your budget at the moment, but color changes can be a less expensive way to get a fantastic home decor update. Every year, gorgeous new color trends are announced by the paint industry, and finding a shade you love to incorporate into your home is always exciting!

Using Statement Pieces in Your Home

Those of us who appreciate good decor know the value of a piece of furniture that stands out from the crowd. In the age of Pinterest-houses, finding a unique piece of vintage, custom, or designer furniture that speaks to you is amazing! The only problem you may face is figuring out how to use a

Three Design Trends To Inspire You This Holiday Season

The holiday season at the end of each year brings with it all sorts of fun activities and get-togethers. For many of us, our holiday season just won’t be complete if we don’t bring the holidays into our home! As fall 2021 comes into full swing, consider working some autumnal styles into your home decor.