A room’s purpose is to be the launching pad for creative design in your home. 

Whether it’s an office or a bedroom, the purpose affects the decor…to an extent. 

Yes, for instance, a desk most definitely goes in an office and a sofa in the living room. However, what you get to decide is the type, color and size of these pieces.

And that’s where the fun begins.

The best place to gather ideas and decor design in Harlingen is Velvet Magnolia. Just walking through our warehouse of designer-curated furniture, viewing exhibit after exhibit, produces gazillions of ideas to choose from and introduces pieces that will add to the design you may already have in mind. 


If money is no object, proceed to the next step. If there are limited funds, then cost-effective measures must be taken.  

The size of the room you are designing must be configured and the cost of furniture or pieces taken into consideration. Other requirements such as wiring, plumbing, recessed lighting, or perhaps whether a wall must be removed or added must be planned and inserted into the budget. It is essential to remember that expenses can mount rapidly when the cost is not figured ahead of time. 

With careful consideration, parts of the home may simply need a cosmetic touch-up instead of a major change, leaving more in the budget for new pieces in other rooms of the house. Whether a DIY or contracted job, the project doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg, but it does need to be a reflection of you. 


What styles are you drawn to? Do you have a specific theme or color? Do you want a room that soothes or a room that screams excitement and adventure?

Perhaps there’s a rug you can’t live without or you want to stick with brick floors and hand-crafted furniture, by referencing magazines and websites, you can best put your overall ideas together. It may take some time but use the resources available to you, like saving your favorite items as pictures on your phone and discarding those ideas which won’t fit.

You can even visit furniture warehouses such as Velvet Magnolia for design inspiration and statement pieces perfect for any style design you choose.


Once your overall aesthetic has been decided upon, it’s time for the finishing touches, which help produce a delightful home, room or office. 

A newly painted wall with a wide baseboard and crown molding gives a completed look. Afterward, add in touches of color with a lampshade or sofa throw; two pillows, one of stripes and one solid. 

You can also consider using certain types of china in a glass or open cabinet door, tiled entrance or inside shutters. Heirloom pieces handed down from Grandma may not mesh well with the living room decor, but could possibly be used in the bedroom. 

Don’t forget plants. Tall indoor palms are ideal space fillers for corners or behind a sofa. Short snake plants fit nicely on an end table or the bathroom sink. 

Additionally, books, vases, candles and even baskets make a room comfortable and inviting.


When it comes to decorating or remodeling, the idea is to own your design, to make it yours and to fill your home with pieces that make you happy and which speak to you. 

Take the time to learn what pleases your personality. Get in tune with your inner self and trust your own intuition. If it feels wrong, yet it’s a beautiful piece, let it go. Learn your wow factor. You won’t regret it. 

And do go by Velvet Magnolia in Harlingen and browse the selection of furniture and design pieces there.

Let’s talk about how to make your space uniquely special.

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