New Year, New Sources of Decor Inspiration

The new year is a time for change cleansing: a chance to refresh everything from the prior seasons. One way you can embrace the new year is by finding new sources of decor inspiration that will truly make your living space light up with elegant beauty.

Whether you’re wanting to decorate your home or office yourself or have your home’s living space curated by designers, there are a few sources of inspiration perfect for sparking new ideas. 

1. Get in Touch with Nature

Nature is always a good source of inspiration as it offers a limitless bounty of imagination. From beautiful, sprawling scenic landscapes and the elegance of wildlife, to fresh plants that will bring clean air and color into your home, there is plenty to discover when you step into nature. 

Tap into what inspires you most about the outside world this year. It can either be something in your backyard, or inspiration taken from as far away as the ocean, the Amazon rainforest, or the deserts of Egypt. Don’t be afraid to think bold

2. Talk with Friends and Family

It’s always a good idea to discuss any decor ideas you aren’t sure about with other people. Talking to friends and family can be a great help. While they may not have the same expertise as home remodelers or custom furniture designers, they can still listen to your plans and help you brainstorm. Another advantage is that they’re more likely to know your personal tastes and what may appeal to you. You can also ask for advice from friends that are into house remodeling or the arts. 

3. Visit Antique or Vintage Shops

Designer furniture is all the rage today, and while there are plenty of trends in 2022 that embrace the new age, there are also trends that call back to an older time. One source of inspiration can be visiting antique or vintage shops. 

Whether you have a specific time period in mind, want to mix and match, or just want to browse through some relics from the past, there are plenty of antique shops you can visit in Harlingen. You can find plenty of unique designs that feature typography and interesting illustrations. You can also hit up estate sales or even browse custom designs on Etsy, or stop by Velvet Magnolia to find designer-curated pieces that channel vintage styles.

4. Get Inspired from Across the Globe

We all have a foreign location we like to fantasize about–whether we’ve made the trip there or not. Whether that’s Paris, Tokyo, Macchu Picchu, the safaris of Africa, or the beaches of Hawaii, you can gain lots of inspiration from a location halfway across the globe. 

Embrace the beauty of different cultures as you welcome diverse colors and designs from around the world. A good tip is to have a specific theme in mind either for one room or your entire home. 

Curate New Sources of Inspiration with Velvet Magnolia

There are many sources of inspiration that you can turn to for the new year to spark your home’s inner beauty. With plenty of sources to draw from, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. However, you don’t have to do it alone!

Let your Harlingen interior designers help you realize your decor dreams. We can incorporate your many sources of inspiration to curate a living space that’s both elegant and functional. 

To learn more about how to channel sources of inspiration into real designs, contact Velvet Magnolia today. 

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