Seamlessly Switching Out Your Color Scheme

A total home makeover may not be in your budget at the moment, but color changes can be a less expensive way to get a fantastic home decor update. Every year, gorgeous new color trends are announced by the paint industry, and finding a shade you love to incorporate into your home is always exciting!

Read on to learn some tips about switching home color schemes from your Harlingen interior designers. We can help you find the perfect home decor solutions for a fresh look.

Tips to Coordinate Color Schemes

1.Balance Your Bolds

When changing paint colors, always aim for a balanced color palette. For the best results, use a single base color and a dash of bolder colors in accents.

To make your walls pop, paint your trim a darker or lighter shade of your base color. When choosing your base color, look online, in nature, and at artwork for ideas.

In general, staying towards the light or dark ends of the spectrum is a safe bet.

2.Choosing Color Complements

If you don’t want to change your wall colors, but you still want something different, then check out other possible accent colors by looking at your base color’s place on the color wheel.

Side-by-side, the colors contrast to create exciting combinations you can use to keep your rooms counterbalanced.

However, creating a polished look doesn’t mean you need to use a wide range of colors. Tone-on-tone looks can be incredibly sophisticated and clean.

3.Find Your Focal Points

In every room, there are a handful of places that really stand out. From your fireplace mantel to your kitchen island, you can find pieces in your home to recolor for a major change without major work.

Your front door, dining table, sofa, and staircase all make great places to showcase a new, vibrant color scheme.

4.Get Inspired

Finally, remember not to be afraid of a bit of color or change. Redecorating might sound a bit risky, but it’s worth it to make your space truly your own.

A space decorated in shades that inspire and calm you can have a big impact on your mood and emotions. Plus, you don’t have to carry out a complete overhaul of your space in order to get a fresh look.

Get the Color Solutions Your Need From Velvet Magnolia

With a wide range of richly textured and colorful pieces, Velvet Magnolia is an excellent place to find decor for your new color scheme. If you don’t find the perfect piece on the floor, we can help you find custom or designer furniture to complete your vision.

Come visit us at Velvet Magnolia in Harlingen to get the insider knowledge and advice you need to find the best quality pieces for your perfectly curated space. Schedule a consultation with Laurie and Anne to learn more about how we can help you.

Contact Velvet Magnolia’s Harlingen interior designers today to talk about bringing a new color scheme to your home.

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