Style Trends To Watch Out For in 2022

Over the past 2 years, most of us have probably spent the majority of our time indoors. Working from home has become the new norm, home gyms are the new fitness trend, and staying in with friends is the new nightlife. Our homes have been impacted just like every other aspect of our lives, and they’ve had to change right along with us.

Remodeling, redecorating, and renovations are at an all-time high this year. Take your chance to refresh your space for the new year with these 2022 design trends from your Harlingen interior designers.

1. One With Nature 

With all of us spending more time indoors, incorporating plants into your natural habitat is a great way to satisfy your need to connect and interact with nature. Regain your connection with the earth with natural lighting, living walls, water and plants. 

2. A Groovy Throw Back 

The ’70s are back and better than ever. 70’s decor and colors mixed in with modern staples are taking over, and the nostalgia is setting in. Yes, that does include peg legs for furniture, over-the-top textures, and mustard yellow. 

3. All That Curves

The hard angles and geometric shapes of walls, furniture, or designs are being replaced by softer curves in 2022. With the strain of everything else going on around you, the calming rounded forms can add the touch of comfort your home needs. 

4. The New Night Life 

For the past 2 years, your home has had to become nearly as flexible as you. Maybe it’s been a home office, a classroom, a restaurant, and your main source of entertainment during the pandemic. Why not take those changes into account when updating your space by adding an at-home bar?

If you enjoy hosting family and friends over going out to crowded places and racking up a bill, then an at-home bar may be the perfect addition to your home. Besides, mixology can be a fun hobby!

5. Another Man’s Treasure

With the skyrocketing prices and shipping delays, getting your hands on new furniture has become a hassle since 2020. Vintage and reclaimed pieces are gaining popularity with their affordable prices and rugged good looks. Get creative and bring your antique furniture or flea-market finds back to life.

6. Are You In, Or Are You Out? 

Homeowners are doubling down on their outdoor living areas, which means more room for entertainment. Fireplaces, furniture, outdoor kitchens, and pools are going to be the summer hit. Sliding doors that span the length of a wall are a great way to bring your patio indoors.

7. Travel The World From Your Living Room

With our passports collecting dust, bringing exotic influences into our homes through design can give us a taste of travel without the risk or expense. Escape to your favorite resorts with pieces from all over the world, including furniture, dinnerware, and textiles. Whether it be Mediterranean, Persian, Moroccan, African, or any other beautiful cultural decor, you can show appreciation for diverse cultures through the atmosphere in your home.

Keep Up With 2022 Style Trends with Velvet Magnolia

There’s nothing like being restricted to your own home to get your creative juices flowing. With such exciting styles dominating the landscape, 2022 is set to be a great year for interior design. 

Let your Harlingen interior designers at Velvet Magnolia help you incorporate your favorite style trend into your home. Come explore the up-and-coming 2022 interior design trends, and take a look behind the Velvet Curtain during your visit with Velvet Magnolia.  

To learn more about channeling your favorite 2022 style trends in your home decor, reach out to Velvet Magnolia today.

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