The Secrets of Interior Design: What Does an Interior Designer Do?

If you’re the sort of person who reads blogs about interior designers, it’s probably safe to say that you’ve spent a fair amount of time thinking about interior design. Each of us could probably use our specific tastes to make choices about how we decorate our homes, but that’s not quite the same as what an interior designer does.

To create a living space that’s welcoming, inspiring, and unique, using decor curated by designers is an excellent secret weapon. An interior designer can help you choose designer and custom furniture to fit your specific needs and preferences.

Read on to learn about all the ways an interior designer can help you plan your dream home.

What Do Interior Designers Bring to the Table?

1. Insider Knowledge and Experience

When choosing the right interior designer for your space, it’s important to look for designers with proven experience creating beautiful homes and spaces. 

By relying on the assistance of an experienced designer, you can gain access to select offers from retailers, designers, and builders who already have a relationship with your designer. This helps ensure that not only are your wants met, but that you’re also making smart and cost-effective choices.

2. Finger on the Pulse of Design

There’s no denying that interior design is a popular topic. With nearly 50 different interior design and DIY shows on the air— not to mention Pinterest— there are many different sources for inspiration and information on current design trends. 

However, having some idea of the trends that you like doesn’t mean that it will be easy to find the right pieces to channel that trend in your space. A selection of decor and furniture curated by a designer can give you options and inspiration that you might not find anywhere else.

3. Cost-Effective Choices

You may have already picked up on it, but one of the key roles of interior designers is to help their clients find cost-effective solutions for their design goals. 

Sifting through showroom upon showroom of designer furniture can take a lot of time, and it can be easy to get overwhelmed if you aren’t knowledgeable about how to choose the right pieces. An interior designer can save you that time and headache by choosing a selection of pieces for you. This can also help you save money because a designer will have a better idea of fair prices and available deals. 

Furniture selections curated by designers also sometimes have lower price tags because the interior designers are already familiar with the manufacturers.

4. Custom and Designer Creations

Finally, an interior designer can help you decide where and when to use custom-made pieces throughout your home. When it comes to using custom furniture, it can be hard for homeowners to both choose a craftsman and to properly convey their exact wishes.

An interior designer will have knowledge of reliable craftspeople in your area and will have the experience and understand the industry lingo needed to make sure your vision is achieved.

Get a Peek Behind the Velvet Curtain With Our Experienced Interior Designers

At Velvet Magnolia, our mission is to make beautiful designer decor available to the Harlingen community. We hope to give residents a peek behind the Velvet Curtain of the interior design world so that they can choose the perfect pieces for their homes, at the right price.

Come visit our showroom on the second Saturday of each month, or schedule an appointment with our designers Laurie and Anne to start designing your dream home.

Contact Anne and Laurie today to discuss your home decor goals and how to achieve them. We can make your designer dreams come true!

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