Using Statement Pieces in Your Home

Those of us who appreciate good decor know the value of a piece of furniture that stands out from the crowd. In the age of Pinterest-houses, finding a unique piece of vintage, custom, or designer furniture that speaks to you is amazing! The only problem you may face is figuring out how to use a statement piece in a room without it sticking out too much or fading into the background.

While every room in every home is unique, and each homeowner may have vastly different styles, there are a few tips that you can follow when using a statement piece in your home. Your Harlingen interior designers are here to give you the guidelines, but you get to make your space your own.

1. Pick One Statement

If you can’t tell which piece of decor in the room is the statement piece, you have too many pieces battling for attention. In order to use your statement piece to full effect, you should place it in a room decorated to support it, not to compete with it. While choosing a wide variety of unique pieces can make for a beautiful eclectic room, that sort of maximalism isn’t for most of us. In general, it’s best to pick one piece to be the true eye-catcher of the room.

2. Rely on Basic Accent Colors

When it comes to decorating your home, there’s no need to go above and beyond your comfort zone in order to create a space that stands out. Combining bright pink and vibrant orange or fresh green and pitch black can definitely be eye-catching, but there’s no need to reinvent the wheel, pun intended: when choosing your accents, look at the complementary hue across the color wheel from your statement piece’s primary color. Yellow and purple, red and green, orange and blue, and green and magenta or pink are usually considered complementary colors.

3. Mix It With Contrasting Pieces

First, think of the basic descriptors for your statement piece: is it sleek, rough, new, old, painted, or dyed? Next, consider what might be the opposite or a strong contrast to that characteristic. If you have a stainless steel statement piece, you may consider using wooden and woven objects to make that piece truly pop.

4. Mix-and-Match Patterns

Don’t be afraid to use contrasting patterns to bring out your statement piece. If your piece has a houndstooth pattern, covering the whole room in the exact same pattern is sure to be distracting. The same is true of more subdued patterns like gingham or pinstripe— variation is good. The key is using patterns of various sizes: contrasting a big, bold print with a small, fine print can can create a sense of balance rather than clashing.

5. The Rule of Three

There was once a day in which the ideal bathroom had a yellow bathtub, yellow sink, yellow toilet, and yellow tiles. Thankfully, the days of obsessive matching are over. Now, rather than focusing on one color, it’s more important to create a sense of balance and cohesion. When you add an accent color to your room, use it in at least three pieces. Keep in mind that adding too many accents colors is likely to make your room look busy.

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